Intellectual Capital: A Strategic Pattern Of Improving Organizational Performance


  • Ega Jalaludin Bina Bangsa University, Indonesia



Modal Intelektual, Kinerja Organisasi, Human Capital, Intellectual Capital, Organizational Performance


Industrial Era 4.0 forces every company to have a strategic pattern in improving organizational performance. The industrial revolution has changed the way humans work manually towards automation or digitization by machines. Thus, innovation and human knowledge are the key to the birth of an increasingly sophisticated industry to meet human needs themselves. This study discusses the intellectual capital variables owned by human resources in an organization. The type of research used is descriptive qualitative research because it is sourced from relevant journals. The research objects in this study are journals and other scientific articles that discuss intellectual capital and its impact on improving organizational performance. This research is expected to reveal more clearly how intellectual capital can significantly enhance organizational performance


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Göran Roos, (2005),"Intellectual capital and strategy: a primer for today’s manager", Handbook of Business Strategy, Vol. 6 Iss 1 pp. 123 – 132

Intellectual capital: a human capital perspective Lars Nerdrum Researcher, Norwegian Institute for Studies in Research and Higher Education (NIFU), Oslo, Norway, and Truls Erikson Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway




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